Weekly E-News for Chandler United Methodist Church

There is a lot going on at Chandler United Methodist Church.

From taking down the Christmas decor on Saturday morning, to Chandler I-Help, to Sunday Worship into next week’s events which include a Holy Huddle with Bishop Hoshibata on Tuesday, January 17th!

Also, make certain to sign up for the upcoming Pancake Breakfast hosted by our Adult & Family Ministry AND mark your calendars now for an upcoming All Church Meeting on January 22nd at 10:10 AM (more information on the front page of the e-blast).

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The Messenger January 2017

Do you want to know what is happening at Chandler United Methodist Church this month?
You’ll find information about the re-organization of our church’s chapter of United Methodist Women as well as upcoming meetings and events.  Also included are wisdom words shared by our District Superintendent, Rev. N. Susan Brims, within this month’s edition of Chandler United Methodist Church’s monthly newsletter, The Messenger.

Click the link below for this month’s “The Messenger.”