“The Mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ,” so states the United Methodist Book of Discipline.  The people of Chandler United Methodist church strive, with God’s help, not only to embrace  that  mission, but also to be embraced by that mission. How do we do that? Again, with God’s help, we seek to love God fully and to love our neighbors as ourselves. And who are our neighbors? From Jesus we learn that our neighbors are not limited to those people with whom we are acquainted, feel comfortable, agree, or even like. We choose to be neighbors as we serve those in need in Jesus’ name.

We are Chandler’s first church – in our eleventh decade of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with people who live around the corner and around the world. Wherever you may be on your spiritual journey, there is  a place for you at Chandler United Methodist Church.

Each person is called to ministry by virtue of his or her baptism, and that ministry takes place in all aspects of daily life, both in and outside of the church.

Ministries at Chandler United Methodist Church include:

Adult Ministries – Ministries That Help Adults Love God and Neighbor

Children’s Ministries – Ministries That Help Children Grow in Faith

Christian Education – Planning for Lifelong Faith Formation

Church Council – Connecting Vision and Ministry in Our Church

Church Historian – Remembering the Past and Inspiring the Future

Communications – Telling Our Church’s Story

Family Ministries – Supporting Families for Faith and Service

Finance – Handling God’s Money in the Church

Lay Leader/Lay Member – Connecting Our Congregation and Our Annual Conference

Men’s Ministries – Ministries to Men in the Church and Community

Ministries with Young People – Young People Connecting with One Another, the Church, and God

Mission – Reaching the World

Nominations and Leadership Development – Empowering Spiritual Leaders for the Mission of the Church

Pastor – Providing Spiritual Leadership for the Church in Mission

Pastor-Parish Relations (SPRC, S/PPRC) – Connecting the Pastor, Staff, and Congregation

Scouting and Civic Youth-Serving Ministry  – Building Effective Scouting Ministry in Our Church

Small Group Ministries – Christian Formation Through Mutual Accountability

Stewardship – Nurturing Generous Living

Trustees  – Managing the Resources of the Congregation

Women’s Ministries – Turning Faith, Hope, and Love into Action

Worship – The Gifts of God from the People of God

Reaching Group – Reaching the community

Connecting Group – Welcoming guests and new members

Deepening Group – Involving members in ministry

Please contact the church office, 480-963-3360, or, with any questions, or for more information on any of these ministries.