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Just a reminder, we will have Zoom Chapel Fellowship this coming Sunday at 10:30am. Be on the lookout for a password to the meeting later this week. I am excited to see you. Now onto the music.

I absolutely love gospel music. Not that other hymns don’t have this, but I think the sound of gospel hymns are rich with soulfulness, with a deep meaning behind the lyrics that connects us to God in a way that is different from other hymns. Maybe it’s the swing rhythms of gospel jazz, or maybe it’s the sorrowful tempos that are sometimes used while singing these hymns. Whatever it happens to be, that’s what I feel while listening to them. One of my favorite gospel hymns is “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” (TFWS 2158).

It’s message is dependent on all verses. If you cherry pick only one verse to sing, the rest of it doesn’t make sense. The first talks about our earthly nature, and how we’re weak and God is stronger than anything we’ll encounter. The second verse talks about our struggles here on earth. Finally, the last verse talks about our journey to heaven. The refrain connects all verses asking if Jesus if we can walk closely with him. I think we go through these things on a daily basis…the “I’m not feeling it today,” or the “Oh dang, I messed up there and I hope no one notices,” or “Good thing I know where I’m going after all this because right now this stinks” type of inner thoughts creep into our minds. They do with me sometimes, I know that much.

Thankfully, those thoughts are quieted by God wanting to be close to us. As Christians, we have the ability to ask God to be near us, to calm our minds, and talk with him, and put everything on him to carry so that we don’t have to do any heavy lifting. My message this summer to anyone I’ve talked to with the carcinoid tumor in my lung is that I can’t control this, so I’m letting go. I’m not saying that those inner thoughts haven’t crossed my mind because they have at certain points, but they were fleeting. What has worked for me is knowing that I can rely on Jesus to carry all of this for me. Meditating while playing hymns on the piano has helped, as well as spending time with Christina, playing video games with my brother over the internet, and a couple other things as well.

My challenge for you this week is to try to find some form of meditation, so that you can walk closer with God. Maybe it’s listening to the music I’ve provided, going for a walk (literally), or something else you like to do by yourself where you find some peacefulness and calmness. My hope is that this hymn provides some of that time for you. My constant prayer is that you and your families stay safe and healthy through the pandemic.

In the Spirit of Closeness,


History of Hymns: “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”

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