MissionsThe mission of the Chandler United Methodist Church’s Missions Team is:
To transform faith into action as servants ministering to the needs of God’s people, both locally and throughout the world, through prayer, hands-on volunteer work, and donation of tangible and financial resources that positively change lives.


Each month the Missions team highlights a non-profit agency, a local need, or a group that needs help. The list is varied, with some mission efforts helping children, some helping women, some helping the homeless, some helping the armed forces, some helping the hungry, and others lending a hand to global needs. A variety of giving opportunities is offered so that you may choose where to give throughout the year. You don’t have to wait until the designated month to give. Some collections are ongoing. We appreciate all that you do to support our outreach efforts.

If you would like to join the Missions Team, please contact  any member of the Team or the church office…or just show up at a meeting!
We usually meet at 11:30 AM on the second Sunday of each month.**

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 February 2018

Our mission focus for February is Justa Center, a day center for seniors who are experiencing homelessness.  Aging can be a challenge for anyone, but people who have no home, no income and no health insurance struggle not only with meeting daily needs of food and shelter, but also with health issues experienced by many as we age. Founded in 2006, Justa Center works with men and women ages 55 and older to meet their basic needs and procure housing and income where possible.  Of the roughly 130 people who walk through Justa Center’s doors every day, nearly 50 percent are veterans, and 42
percent of them are women.

Members are provided coffee, showers, phone, internet, lockers,
laundry services and a library. Justa Center also cares for the spiritual needs of its members with weekday and weekend services.

To support the men and women of Justa Center, we are collecting items for the Center’s Buckets of Love campaign. Seniors who are moving into housing after being homeless are starting over in more ways than one.  They are proud of their new apartments and often need supplies that many of us might take for granted. Throughout the month, we are collecting any of the following items, which we will use to create the buckets of love that are given to seniors as they move into apartments.  Feel free to fill a bucket, or to donate supplies that can be used to fill other buckets.

Needed items are:

  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Toilet Brush and Cleaner
  • Sponges
  • A Broom and Dust Pan
  • A Mop
  • A Bucket
  • Laundry Detergent

January 2018

Help the Missions Team clean and paint an apartment for a homeless family this month!  In January we will serve a homeless family by completing a paint-and-clean project with Save the Family.  All ages are welcome to come and be part of this hands-on endeavor to prepare a home for a family that is enter Save the Family’s transitional housing program.
Our project is scheduled to begin at 9 AM on Saturday, January 27th.  The project will take approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the help we have.  The location will be announced about a week prior to the project date.
If you are interested in helping, please contact Lisa Gress at 480-235-1063 or Gress.lisa@cusd80.com.

Save the Family reaches homeless families through many programs.  We are partnered with the transitional housing program.
Families are given an apartment or small home when they enter the program, an intensive 9-month boot camp of sorts that is designed to get families back in the work force and independent once again.  While learning new job skills, families must also take parenting and financial classes.  Children are also closely monitored to make sure they are succeeding in school during this difficult period for the family.

If you are unable to help with our paint and clean project, but would like to support Save the Family this moth, we are collecting much needed paper goods (toilet paper and paper towels) for families in the
transitional housing program.

Special Sundays

What are Special Sundays in the Life of the Church?

The United Methodist Church designates a number of Sundays throughout the year as opportunities for recognizing and supporting particular ministries. These are referred to as Special Sundays. There are three categories of Special Sundays: church wide Sundays with offerings; Sundays approved for Annual Conference offerings; and Sundays without offerings.

When our church participated in Human Relations Day in January, we contributed to one of five of the church wide Special Sundays with offerings. These five Special Sundays enable the greater church together to support programs that offer refuge in times of disaster, promote peace and justice, provide scholarships and student loans, reach out to the community, teach skills to encourage self-sufficiency and share the love of Jesus Christ with people everywhere.

The five Special giving Sundays and this year’s dates are:

  • Human Relations Day(January 14) strengthens United Methodist outreach to communities in the United States and Puerto Rico, encouraging social justice and work with at-risk youth.
  • UMCOR Sunday(March 11) Previously known as One Great Hour Of Sharing, this Sunday enables the United Methodist Committee on Relief to reach out through worldwide ministries of food, shelter, health and peace.
  • Native American Ministries Sunday(April 15) nurtures mission with Native Americans and provides scholarships for United Methodist Native American seminarians.
  • Peace With Justice Sunday(May 27) enables The United Methodist Church to have a voice in advocating for peace and justice through a broad spectrum of global programs.
  • World Communion Sunday(October 7) provides scholarships for U.S. racial- and ethnic-minority students and international students, on both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • United Methodist Student Day(November 25) furnishes scholarships and loans for students attending United Methodist-related and other accredited colleges and universities.

Summary of Missions Activities 2017

Our congregation supported local and national organizations in 2017 by contributing $17,237.90. In addition to our monetary giving, we supported these organizations with our time and donations of needed items. Thank you to all of you for your generosity and support of the organizations brought to you every month by your Missions Team. What follows is a recap of our year.

January – Our Communion offering of $373 went to Save the Family to help families who face poverty and homelessness. Additionally, eight people cleaned an apartment for a family entering Save the Family’s Transitional Housing program, which gives a homeless family a place to stay while helping the family return to self-sufficiency.

February – Our Communion offering of $914 supported AZCEND’s Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program (I-HELP) with $502 designated for bus passes for I-HELP clients and $395 used to support I-HELP guests when they stay at CUMC, including the purchase of sheets for our guests.
Additionally, the Methodist Women’s Fellowship raised $2,635 at its annual Tea in December 2016, and the money was disbursed in February.
Of the money raised, $900 was given to the Clothes Cabin, $500 of which was specifically designated to the organization’s work boot program.
The Methodist Women’s Fellowship asked the Missions Team to designate the remaining $1,735 to military organizations: $867.50 was given to East Valley Military Support Group to fund its efforts to send care packages to military troops around the world, and $867.50 was given to Operation Freedom Bird to assist military veterans as they take a trip of healing and recovery to Washington, DC.

March – Our Communion offering of $756 was given to AZCEND (formerly Chandler Christian Community Center) for the purchase of perishable food items. An additional 1,552 pounds of nonperishable food items were collected for the food bank with our semi-annual brown bag food drive.

April – The congregation contributed $585 to Heifer International through our Communion offering, and an additional $850 through the purchase of baked goods at our youth’s annual bake sale.

May – Our Communion offering of $907 was given to UMOM to support the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation Women’s Center, which opened in July.
We also collected three carloads of items for the center.

June – Our Communion offering of $657 was given to Justa Center to support the center’s efforts to help senior citizens who are homeless. We also collected flash drives and other items for Justa Center, a day center for seniors experiencing homelessness.

July – Families in Transition, the Chandler Unified School District’s program designed to help students and families facing homelessness, received our Communion offering of $488. We also collected school supplies for Operation Back to School Chandler and Fans Across America. In July, the Missions Team also gave $200 to help remodel The Chandler-Gilbert Arc, a center dedicated to teaching and supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

August – The congregation supported refugees with the Communion offering of $553 going to UMCOR’s refugee support programs and an additional donation of $65 to PCs for Refugees, a Phoenix organization that refurbishes computers and tablets for refugee families that move into the Valley. We also collected computers and electronics for PCs for Refugees, as well as household supplies to complete household kits for Lifting Hands International. Lifting Hands helps refugee families make a smoother transition to the U.S. by providing them with furniture and household items as they move into apartments in the Valley.

September – Operation Freedom Bird and East Valley Military Support Group received $278.50 each from our Communion offering. We also collected supplies for the packages EVMSG mails to troops every month. Operation Freedom Bird supports veterans by providing them with a healing trip over Veterans Day to visit the monuments on the Mall in Washington DC. Also in September, the Missions Team donated $100 in supplies for hygiene kits for AZCEND clients. Additionally, the church took a special offering for UMCOR to support victims of hurricanes in the US. The special offering totaled $1,282 and was combined with $647 from the youth bake sale and $200 from the LIFE group for a total of $2,129 given to UMCOR for hurricane relief.

October – The Communion offering of $449 was given to the Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona to support the organization’s mission of providing cancer screening to people who can’t afford the exams. The DCFA also educates the community about prevention, screenings and cancer treatments. In addition to helping DCFA, we collected 1,400 pounds of food to help AZCEND’s food bank prepare for Thanksgiving.

November – The Communion offering of $664 will be used to support the Gold Canyon Sidewalk Sunday School program. Additionally, we collected 43 red bags filled with toys for the children and thirty $20 gift cards for the teen-agers of Sidewalk Sunday School.

December – UMOM’s Tumbleweed program for homeless youth ages 18-24 received the Communion offering of $1,003, as well as $450 from Mission funds. We also collected a truck filled with food for the youth who visit the day center, which helps the young people find a way into the work force and off the streets while also providing health care, emotional support, and shower and laundry facilities. The Missions Team also supported Save the Family by filling nine Christmas stockings for parents enrolled in STF programs designed to help families end homelessness and become independent once again.

Christmas Eve – Our offering of $3,082.90 was given to UMCOR for disaster relief in the United States.

In addition to our monthly offerings and projects, we partner with AZCEND to participate in two ongoing projects throughout the year. Every second and fifth Saturday of the month, CUMC hosts up to 25 I-HELP guests. Church members come together to prepare and serve a hot dinner, a sack lunch and a breakfast of cereal (and sometimes homemade muffins!) to the homeless men and women enrolled in I-HELP. We share the meal with our guests and visit with them. I-HELP’s goal is to help clients become self-sufficient and to return them to a place they can call home. This year, CUMC helped a few clients exiting I-HELP by collecting needed household items, including dishes, cleaning supplies and towels. A member also purchased new towels for the guests after the shower trailer arrived without any towels, and an extension cord was purchased to replace a missing cord used to supply lights to the trailer.

Our second AZCEND project is our ongoing commitment to hand out food on the third Friday of the month. We gather at 8:30 a.m. at AZCEND to find our stations, and as clients walk through, we give them perishable food items.

Everyone is welcome to be part of our missions project throughout the year, including our monthly I-HELP and food distribution days. If you are interested in being part of the Missions Team or would like more information on any project we support (or to suggest a new project!), please contact Penny Boese at pboese@cox.net, 480-862-3129, or Lisa Gress at Gress.lisa@cusd80.com, 480-235-1063.





United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) distributes financial assistance to disaster affected conferences.  One hundred percent of your contribution goes to the aid of disaster affected areas.

The Desert Southwest Conference gives thanks for the generosity shown by so many sacrificial hearts.  All love, action and prayers are appreciated, now and in the future.  With your help, God’s glory will continue to be evident through every disaster we face.
Please give generously to UMCOR Domestic Disaster Response Advance #901670.

Why do we collect egg cartons?
If you are relatively new to Chandler United Methodist Church, you may have wondered why some people bring egg cartons to church. Why? What do they do with them?

Clean empty egg cartons are collected for AZCEND (formerly Chandler Christian Community Center) to help them distribute eggs in the emergency food boxes to those in need. AZCEND receives eggs in bulk and the egg cartons we donate allow them to send a dozen eggs home with families and individuals.

THANK YOU to all our generous Chandler United Methodist Church donors for your participation in our Missions Projects each month!