MissionsThe mission of the Chandler United Methodist Church’s Missions Team is:
To transform faith into action as servants ministering to the needs of God’s people, both locally and throughout the world, through prayer, hands-on volunteer work, and donation of tangible and financial resources that positively change lives.


Each month the Missions team highlights a non-profit agency, a local need, or a group that needs help. The list is varied, with some mission efforts helping children, some helping women, some helping the homeless, some helping the armed forces, some helping the hungry, and others lending a hand to global needs. A variety of giving opportunities is offered so that you may choose where to give throughout the year. You don’t have to wait until the designated month to give. Some collections are ongoing. We appreciate all that you do to support our outreach efforts.

If you would like to join the Missions Team, please contact  any member of the Team or the church office…or just show up at a meeting!
We usually meet at 11:30 AM on the second Sunday of each month.**

December 10th

December 2017

The Missions Team asks for your help in December in supporting Tumbleweed, a UMOM day-center for homeless young people ages 18-24. UMOM took over operation of Tumbleweed in May after the independent non-profit declared bankruptcy. Tumbleweed is one of five programs, including three youth shelters that serve 12-17 year olds fleeing unsafe home situations, that UMOM brought under its wing.

Tumbleweed is open from 8:30-noon everyday and is located about 10 minutes from UMOM. More than 500 unduplicated young people use the center every year. About 30-60 young people are served on any given day at Tumbleweed with 10-20 young people in the center at any one time. The young people can shower, wash clothes, use the computer lab to create and print resumes, or search for jobs. One day a week, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital brings a mobile unit to the site, offering youth opportunities for health care. A lab also comes to screen the young people for STDs and other communicable diseases, so they can receive treatment. A staggering 80 percent of the young people have been sex trafficked.

Tumbleweed also provides financial classes, helping young people who have no adult guidance a way to learn budgeting, how to open and use a checking and savings account and other basic financial information. Without adult guidance, many of these young adults do not know the most basic financial concepts. All of the youth visiting Tumbleweed are “street based” with maybe an occasional couch hop or night with a friend. They sleep in parks, back streets, behind businesses in all kinds of weather. When possible, shelter services are offered, but shelters are often full and not available.

The goal of Tumbleweed is to show young people a different way to live, to help them get off the streets and into a stable, safe home environment, whether that means reconnecting them with family or helping them find employment and a means of living independently. A big part of the Tumbleweed program involves outreach, walking among the homeless youth on the streets, developing a rapport with them and encouraging them to come to Tumbleweed where more assistance can be given.

December’s Communion Offering will be given to UMOM to support the Tumbleweed program. In addition, we are collecting food items so that Tumbleweed can continue to provide snacks and small, easily transportable or microwavable meals. Please drop off your donations by the Gift Shop throughout the month of December.

Needed items are:

Nutri-grain Breakfast bars

Mixed fruit or Mandarin oranges in small cups

Cup of Noodles

Mac-n-Cheese in individual servings

Top Ramen

Beef Jerky in individual servings

Trail Mix in individual servings



United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) distributes financial assistance to disaster affected conferences.  One hundred percent of your contribution goes to the aid of disaster affected areas.

The Desert Southwest Conference gives thanks for the generosity shown by so many sacrificial hearts.  All love, action and prayers are appreciated, now and in the future.  With your help, God’s glory will continue to be evident through every disaster we face.
Please give generously to UMCOR Domestic Disaster Response Advance #901670.


Supporting our Community through Missions in 2016

With your generous help, the Missions Team reached thousands of people in 2016 by serving the homeless, feeding the hungry, supporting our veterans and helping the disenfranchised and abused. Your support and consideration makes all of this possible and we want you to know how much we appreciate you.

Every month, the Missions Team selects one or two organizations to support. The organizations are vetted by the Team and brought to the congregation, giving people a chance to support our community through giving and hands-on projects. The following is a recap of projects and organizations we have supported in 2016. If you have any questions about any of these organizations, please talk to a member of the Missions Team, or contact Penny Boese at pboese@cox.net.


  • Save the Family – We completed a paint and clean project of a home in Save the Family’s Transitional Housing Program, collected household items for the organization and gave $504.72. http://savethefamily.org/


  • I-HELP – We collected $223 of which $150 was sent to I-HELP for bus passes and $73 used by CUMC for supplies needed when I-HELP clients spend the second and fifth Saturdays of the month at the church. We also collected travel-size toiletries for I-HELP guests who use the portable shower and washer/dryer that travels from church to church with them. http://chandlerfoodbank.org/i-help/
  • United Blood Services – we held our second blood drive, conducting 21 successful procedures, six over our goal. http://www.unitedbloodservices.org/
  • Smile Train – We donated $250 to Smile Train to help pay for six cleft palate procedures in countries where families have no other means of having corrective surgery. https://www.smiletrain.org


  • Chandler Christian Community Center – We collected 1,333 pounds of food to help fill the food bank’s shelves. We also sent $463 from Communion Offerings to help pay for perishable food items. http://chandlerfoodbank.org/


  • Heifer International – We partnered with our youth to support their efforts to purchase livestock to promote self-sufficiency in developing countries. Our Communion Sunday offerings, which were sent to Heifer along with money the youth collected through their bake sale, totaled $569. https://www.heifer.org


  • UMOM – We collected needed items for the women and children who utilize UMOMS services and gave $1,100 to help UMOM complete its new Women’s Shelter. UMOM stands for United Methodist Outreach Ministries and was started in 1964 as an urban ministry, officially becoming UMOM in 1985. https://www.umom.org/


  • Families in Transition – We sent $330 to help homeless students in the Chandler Unified School District. http://ww2.chandler.k12.az.us/page/416
  • Operation Back to School Chandler – We collected school supplies to give all students in CUSD a good start to their year with much needed supplies. http://www.backtoschoolchandler.org/
  • East Valley Military Support Group – We sent $400 from the proceeds of the CUMC Gift Shop to help EVMSG cover the cost of shipping of packages.


  • Justa Center – We collected much needed items for the seniors who use the day center at Justa Center and sent $306 from our Communion Sunday Offerings to cover additional costs in the center. http://www.justacenter.org


  • Save the Family – We sent $300 to help homeless families enrolled in Save the Family programs and collected much needed items, including peanut butter and air mattresses, to help families in need. http://savethefamily.org/
  • I-HELP – We partnered with our youth to prepare and serve dinner to the clients of I-HELP. Our I-HELP guests spend every second and fifth Saturday of the month at CUMC. There is an ongoing need for people to assist the youth with I-HELP. If you have a group that would like to reach our homeless community, please see Steve Gregory. http://chandlerfoodbank.org/i-help/


  • Operation Freedom Bird – We gave $822 to Operation Freedom Bird to help cover the costs of sending a veteran to Washington, DC. The trip is designed to help veterans heal from the devastation of war and to acknowledge their accomplishments. It costs $1,500 for one veteran to make the trip. http://www.operationfreedombird.org/
  • East Valley Military Support Group – We collected gifts, toiletries, games and books that EVMSG will ship to military members serving overseas.


  • Chandler Christian Community Center – We collected 1,802 pounds of food to stock the shelves of CCCC in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday. We also gave our October Communion offering of $559 to CCCC to help purchase perishable food items. http://chandlerfoodbank.org/


  • Refugee Women’s Health Clinic – We sent $604 to the clinic to support its annual Angel Holiday Party where baby gifts, diapers, wipes, clothing for men, women and children, household items and more are distributed. In December, church members also volunteered to collect and organize items for the holiday party. The Refugee Women’s Health Clinic is part of the Maricopa Medical Center. About 450 refugees received gifts at the 2016 holiday party. http://www.refugeewomensclinic.org/
  • Sidewalk Sunday School Red Bag Program – We collected 188 red gift bags for distribution to the United Methodist’s Sidewalk Sunday School program that reaches children in communities without churches. For many children, the red bags are the only gifts they receive at Christmas. http://dscumc.org/


  • Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation – Our Communion offering of $1,531 was given to help Winged Hope fulfill its mission to stop child abuse and end domestic violence. Jessica Nicely, the founder of the entirely volunteer organization, shared her experiences with child abuse. http://www.wingedhope.org/
  • Chandler Christian Community Center Operation Santa – Church members volunteered at the annual Christmas party where CCCC hands out toys, books, candy and more to children and celebrates with families. http://chandlerfoodbank.org/
  • UMCOR – Our Christmas Eve offering of $2,795 was given to United Methodist Committee on Relief to support disaster relief efforts in the United States following the flooding of many communities in the Eastern U.S. http://www.umcor.org/


Why do we collect egg cartons?
If you are relatively new to Chandler United Methodist Church, you may have wondered why some people bring egg cartons to church. Why? What do they do with them?

Clean empty egg cartons are collected for AZCEND (formerly Chandler Christian Community Center) to help them distribute eggs in the emergency food boxes to those in need. AZCEND receives eggs in bulk and the egg cartons we donate allow them to send a dozen eggs home with families and individuals.



THANK YOU to all our generous Chandler United Methodist Church donors for your participation in our Missions Projects each month!