Noticing Details

Angels & Innkeepers

Having our lives radically changed and even threatened allows us to be engaged by scripture on a deeper level, particularly the stories around the birth of the Messiah. Our focus this year is paying attention to all of the details told to us in scripture in hope of seeing the whole picture and coming into a new understanding of what Christmas means.

Sometimes words familiar in the church, like unending, without end, forever and never ending, can lift our spirits and comfort us. Yes. But not always. Unending is a long time.

against jesus' ministry

Killing Jesus. The tortured death of a good man was not a random event but the intended outcome of determined humans. We will be talking about the human characteristics which combined to bring about the death of Jesus.

The Big Top on Human Sexuality

We walk through a very deep examination of what the bible says about all of human sexuality… and surprise… it doesn’t say what our cultural religion says it does! The willingness to do violence to the biblical text to make it support an extraneous agenda is also addressed.

Stress and anxiety are normal. We can either figure out effective ways to manage them, or they will manage us.

Grief comes to us in ways that feel like being hit with a brick or hurled into an abyss. Utterly disorienting, terribly frightening. We find ourselves filled with unfamiliar feelings we’d like to deny, bypass or suppress.

When we start a conversation about race, we are constrained to question ourselves. We do not see ourselves as racist; in fact, we deplore racism. But what if, despite all our best intentions, we don’t realize that some of our ‘givens’, some of our core beliefs about people and the ways of the world and some of how we understand ourselves are tinged with racism that is so familiar it has eluded our awareness?

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