Stewardship 2023 Campaign

This is Jesus’ message from the start.  In his first public sermon Jesus teaches, “First be concerned about God’s kingdom and what has God’s approval. Then everything you need will be provided for you.” (Matthew 6:33.)   The path the church offers to guide us through the challenges of life is putting God’s kingdom first. 

We give to our church because we have something to offer our world: our practices of God’s way…decency, peace building, love, fidelity, friendship, affection, prayer, compassion, presence in the face of loneliness, and ministry with those in need.  These things are so valuable we are willing to change our habits to make our resources available to extend them to others in new ways.   Giving to make these things available to others blesses our lives with meaning deeper than our existence.  When we give to build a community of people, shaped by God’s love, we are doing exactly what we are created to do; helping God build the kingdom.

The good news of the gospel is we have been chosen to make our own limited and very conditional love the gateway for the unlimited and unconditional love of God.

Intentional Giving Matters

Please return an Annual Giving Commitment Card

Your annual giving card reflects your intended support of the church’s ministry through 2022.  We ask everyone to return a commitment card, even if you can only make a limited financial commitment at this time.  You can always adjust your commitment, if your situation changes, by contacting the Church Office.

Your completed commitment card may be placed in the collection plate during worship services.  Other options include mailing or dropping off at the church office.

If you have questions regarding this card, please contact the Church Office at 480-963-3360 or e-mail

Over 100 years ago Chandler UMC began it’s mission of making and deploying disciples who put God first.  This is an ongoing challenge and requires a commitment to using whatever gifts we have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

Over the past few years, we have been confronted with Covid-related items that have necessitated that we creatively assess how we are best able to connect people to Jesus Christ and best use our talents.  We would ask that you prayerfully consider the talents that you have been given and sign up to use those talents in any of the areas listed in the Where is God Calling You To Serve? insert located below.  Using the gifts and talents God has given us grows our faith, allows us to be blessed, and changes our lives.  We are also in need of a Camp Coordinator and a BSA Rep. If the area you are being called to serve is not listed, write it in. Please return the sheet to the front office. – Bill Ferrell, Stewardship Chair


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9

Online Giving

Chandler United Methodist Church allows you to donate online using either a major credit card or PayPal. Chandler Online Giving is a convenient, secure online system for contributions via PayPal. All information is encrypted and secure.

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